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Background Information

One Health is the collaboration between multiple disciplines in an effort to attain the optimal level of heath for humans, animals and the environment. This collaborative effort leads to the formation of new partnering relations comprising physicians, veterinarians or public health officials with ecologists, environmental engineers and urban planners. This new collaborative approach aims to overcome the existing barriers to the development of effective solutions to One Health problems worldwide.


Day 1

  • Global Health and Climate Change
  • Millennium Exosystem Assessment
  • Climate Change
  • GIS / Mapping and Visualization

Day 2

  • Envronmental Informatics
  • Water Borne Diseases
  • Library Resources

Day 3

  • Social Networks
  • Humanitarian Crisis
  • Crisis Mapping
  • Cholera Remote Sensing
  • Village Zero

Day 4

  • One Health Curriculum Development and Asset Mapping
  • Building a Program
  • Design on One Health and Teaching Methods
  • Student's Perspective
  • Biodiversity and Health

Day 5

  • Digital Media Story Telling
  • TUSK Software