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Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute. (Image courtesy of T. Silver, 2013)
Highlights of this Course

The Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute (TELI) is a week-long faculty development workshop with the goal of assisting participants to incorporate envrionmentally-related themes into existing or new courses within and beyond the Tufts community. Each year, TELI addresses a different issue of major environmental importance.

Workshops are based on interactive presentations by a variety of environmental experts and field-based learning experiences, and provide access to a range of resources for course development. This compilation is intended to facilitate dicussion in order to promote creative teaching experiences among participants. In addition to One Health, previous workshops have covered issues such as

  • Environmental Communication
  • Urban Environment and Social Justice
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change

TELI's pioneering nature was recognized and awarded with the Presidential Environment and Conservation Challenge Award in a White House Rose Garden ceremony in 1991.

For additional content and information, check out the  Tufts TIE page.

Course Description

"In 2013, the Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute (TELI) introduced the concept of "One Health" to faculty members from Tufts and sixteen universities in Africa and SE Asia, aiming to create an interactive network that will share their expertise in One Health with their students."

One Health is the collaboration between multiple disciplines in an effort to attain the optimal level of heath for humans, animals and the environment. This collaborative effort leads to the formation of new partnering relations comprising physicians, veterinarians or public health officials with ecologists, environmental engineers and urban planners. This new collaborative approach aims to overcome the existing barriers to the development of effective solutions to One Health problems worldwide.

The TELI One Health Workshop consists of five thematic days designed to create a solid understanding of One Health:

  • Framing One Health
  • Water Sanitation
  • Vector and Animal Borne Diseases
  • Animal Health
  • Teaching methods about environmental literacy

Each day there is also a presentation of a tool the workshop participants can use to leverage their work in their network such as GIS, crisis mapping, social network analysis and social media story telling.

Please note that the course as presented here does not contain the full content of the course as taught at Tufts. The included content is based on material the Tufts faculty and instructors choose to include, as well as factors such as content preparation, software compatibility, and intellectual property and copyright restrictions.
Course Faculty
Antje M. F. Danielson
Susan Albright
Gretchen Kaufman
Course Length
25 Hours