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1 Lecture Introduction to the course [Text
2 Lecture What normative theories underpin the field? [Text
3 Lecture The Legislative Branch: How does a bill become law? [Text
4 Lecture Setting the agenda, normative theories continued [Text
5 Lecture The Executive Branch: How does a law become a rule? [Text
6 Lecture What role do interest groups play in policymaking? [Text
7 Lecture What is the significance of problem framing and issue formation? [Text
8 Lecture The Budget and Appropriations Processes [Text
9 Lecture Can we control the state through various policy instruments? [Text
10 Lecture What is the role of leadership and followership in complex organizations? [Text
11 Lecture The Judicial Branch [Text
12 Lecture Alternative Mechanisms for Negotiating Policy [Text
13 Lecture Press, the Fourth Branch? [Text