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Tufts OpenCourseware
Session   Type Title  
1 Course Introduction [Text
2 History of Computer and Video Games [Text
3 Game Design Principles [Text
4 Python Programming [Text
5 Pygame [Text
6 Storytelling
7 Sprites and Animation [Text
8 Game Development Methodologies [Text
9 Physics [Text
10 Loose Ends
11 Lab 4: A Forking Game Lab
12 Practice Quiz 1
13 Audio, Sound, and Music [Text
14 2D Game Group Project Check-In
15 Game Testing [Text
16 Practice Quiz 2
17 2D Games Play Testing
18 Ethics, MMORPGs, and Securing Online Games [Text
19 Game Engines iOS Development, Cocos2D [Text
20 Rockstar Games
21 Android SDK vs Microsoft XNA vs HTML5 [Text
22 Director of Tech Community Outreach at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD)
23 Practice Quiz 3
24 Looking Ahead: Games in 2012 and Beyond