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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Introduction and Demonstration [Text ] [Text ] [Audio
2 Lecture Introduction to Foundations of Patient Care (FPC) [Text ] [Audio
3 Lecture Introduction to Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE) [Text ] [Audio
4 Lecture Basics: Professionalism & Interviewing Techniques [Text ] [Audio
5 Lecture Introduction to History Taking
6 Lecture Talking with Psych Patients and Patients' Psyches: What Do I Do if the Patient Cries?
7 Lecture Interviewing Opportunities and Challenges [Text ] [Audio
8 Lecture Health Literacy Implications for Health Status and Clinical Practice [Text
9 Lecture Interviewing: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
10 Lecture The Rest of the Story: Past Medical History, Social History, Family History, Parts I & II [Text 1 ] [Text 2 ] [Audio
11 Lecture Talking with Patients About Issues of Sexuality
12 Lecture Talking with Patients About Alcohol and Drugs [Text
13 Lecture Talking with Children: A Pediatrician's View
14 Lecture Talking with the Elderly [Text ] [Audio
15 Lecture Transition and Feedback
16 Lecture Motivational Interviewing [Text ] [Audio
17 Lecture Counseling on Nutrition [Text ] [Audio
18 Lecture Compassion in the Medical Interview [Text ] [Audio
19 Lecture Talking with Patients with a Disability [Text ] [Audio
20 Lecture Talking with the Terminally Ill and Dying Patient [Text ] [Audio
21 Lecture Review Session OSCE Demonstration [Text ] [Audio