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1 Lecture Introduction / Descriptive Epidemiology, Incidence, Prevalence [Text
2 Lecture Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT), Relative Risk, Effect Modification [Text
3 Lecture Cohort Studies [Text
4 Small Group Small Group: Evaluating a Randomized Controlled Trial
5 Lecture Case-control Studies [Text
6 Lecture Internal Validity, Bias and Confounding [Text
7 Lecture Sources of Bias in Epidemiologic Studies [Text
8 Small Group Small Group: Evaluating a Cohort Study
9 Lecture Descriptive Statistics [Text
10 Lecture Sampling and Confidence Intervals [Text
11 Small Group Small Group: Evaluating a Case Control Study
12 Small Group Small Group: Sampling and Confidence Intervals
13 Lecture Hypothesis Testing and P-values [Text
14 Small Group Small Group: Walking Through a T-test
15 Lecture Correlation and Regression [Text
16 Lecture Screening [Text
17 Lecture Small Group: Pulling it all Together