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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Introduction: What is Health?... What is "One Health"? [Text-1 ] [Text-2
2 Lecture How Do We Do Interdisciplinary Work? - Sustainable Agriculture in New England [Text
3 Lecture Application of Scientific Method to Problem Solving; Basics of NE Dairy Farming; Intro to Life Cycle Assessment [Text-1 ] [Text-2 ] [Slides-1 ] [Slides-2
4 Lecture Measuring Human, Animal and Environmental Health [Text ] [Slides
5 Lecture Identifying Interdisciplinary Gaps; Antibiotic Resistance [Text
6 Lecture Dealing with Peer-Reviewers; Disciplinary Presentations [Text
7 Lecture Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Moving Toward Consensus Solutions [Text ] [Slides
8 Lecture Presentation Techniques [Text ] [Slides
9 Lecture Midterm Assessment: Group Presentations and Peer Evaluations [Text
10 Lecture Connecting with Community; Formulating and Grounding Solutions [Text
11 Lecture Field Trip [Text
12 Lecture Communicating Science to the Public [Text
13 Lecture Preparation for Final Presentation and Evaluations [Text
14 Lecture Closing Forum: Student Presentations [Text