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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Approach to Infectious Diseases [Text
2 Lecture Fever
3 Lecture Vaccines and Passive Immunotherapy
4 Lecture Skin and Soft Tissue Infections [Text
5 Lecture Bacteremia and Infective Endocarditis [Text
6 Lecture Acute and Chronic Menigitis [Text
7 Lecture Bone and Joint [Text
8 Lecture Urinary Tract [Text
9 Lecture GI (Diarrhea and Others) [Text
10 Lecture Pneumonia [Text
11 Lecture Tuberculosis [Text
12 Lecture Approach to Opportunistic Infection [Text
13 Lecture Hospital Infections [Text
14 Lecture Emerging Infectious Diseases [Text
15 Lecture Viral Meningitis and Encephalitis [Text
16 Small Group AIDS Cases (see Cases link)
17 Lecture Review
18 Examination Final Exam