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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Approach to Infectious Diseases
2 Lecture Fever
3 Lecture Vaccines and Passive Immunotherapy
4 Lecture Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
5 Lecture Bacteremia and Infective Endocarditis
6 Lecture Acute and Chronic Menigitis
7 Lecture Bone and Joint
8 Lecture Urinary Tract
9 Lecture GI (Diarrhea and Others)
10 Lecture Pneumonia
11 Lecture Tuberculosis
12 Lecture Approach to Opportunistic Infection
13 Lecture Hospital Infections
14 Lecture Emerging Infectious Diseases
15 Lecture Viral Meningitis and Encephalitis
16 Small Group AIDS Cases (see Cases link)
17 Lecture Review
18 Examination Final Exam