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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture GIS Overview: Course Overview Lab and Software Logistics
2 Lecture Lab: ArcGIS Basics Tutorial
3 Lecture GIS Data Structure Formats and Uses
4 Lecture Map Projections and Coordinate Systems; Scale; Generalization
5 Lecture Data Source: Finding, Assessing and Using Existing Spatial Data
6 Lecture Making Maps: Reference Mapping, Thematic Mapping, Mapping Quantities and Categories
7 Lecture Mapping, cont.: Discuss GISUE labs 4 and 5
8 Lecture Data Sources: Understanding US Census Geography and Tables
9 Lecture Census Data Mapping and Questions
10 Lecture Census Data Mapping and Questions, cont.
11 Lecture Data Quality Issues
12 Lecture Using Address Data in GIS (Geocoding)
13 Lecture Trouble-Shooting Geocoding/Adding Tabular Data that has Coordinates
14 Lecture Basic Queries Using Selection Functions/Summarizing Data
15 Lecture Spatial Analysis: Joins and Overlays
16 Lecture Joins and Overlays, cont.
17 Lecture Working with Raster Data: Comparison of Vector/Raster Tools
18 Lecture Working with Raster Data: Overlays and Map Algebra Functions
19 Lecture Working with Elevation Data: Raster and TIN data Structures: Brief Overview of 3D Analyst
20 Lecture Proximity Functions: Buffer, Distance/Near Functions: Raster and Vector Tools
21 Lecture Mapping Density: Raster and Vector Tools
22 Lecture Analysis Options for Projects
23 Lecture Poster Design Workshop
24 Lecture Project Work
25 Lecture Project Discussion and Work
26 Lecture Course Wrap-up: Communities and GIS; Course Evaluations
27 Lecture Poster Exhibit