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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Course Introduction & Cellular Adaptations to Disease/Cell Injury and Death I (General)
2 Lecture Cellular Adaptations to Disease/Cell Injury and Death II (General)
3 Lecture Developmental and Genetic Factors in Disease (General)
4 Lecture Environmental Factors in Disease (General)
5 Lecture Acute Inflammation/Wound Healing and Repair I (General)
6 Examination Examination (General)
7 Lecture Acute Inflammation/Wound Healing and Repair II (General)
8 Lecture Chronic Inflammation (General)
9 Lecture Neoplasia (General)
10 Lecture Vascular Hemodynamics (General)
11 Examination Final Examination, Part I (General)
12 Lecture Cardiovascular System I (Systemic)
13 Lecture Cardiovascular System II (Systemic)
14 Lecture Respiratory System I (Systemic)
15 Lecture Respiratory System II (Systemic)
16 Lecture Hepatobiliary I (Sytemic)
17 Examination Examination (Systemic)
18 Lecture Hepatobiliary II - Biliary Tract and Pancreas (Systemic)
19 Lecture Sinonasal and Upper Aerodigestive Tract - Ear, Nose, Throat, Larynx, Esophagus (Systemic)
20 Lecture Gastrointestinal I - Stomach, Small and Large Intestine (Systemic)
21 Lecture Gastrointestinal II - Small and Large Intestine, cont'd. (Systemic)
22 Lecture Nervous System I - Trauma, Infection, Demyelinating Diseases (Systemic)
23 Lecture Nervous System II - Demyelinating and Degenerative Diseases, Metabolic and Tumors (Systemic)
24 Lecture Genitourinary I - Urinary System (Systemic)
25 Examination Examination (Systemic)
26 Lecture Genitourinary II - Urinary System (Systemic)
27 Lecture Genitourinary III - Obstetric-Gynecology (Systemic)
28 Lecture Genitourinary IV - Breast Disease and Male Genital System (Systemic)
29 Lecture Musculoskeletal System and Integument (Systemic)
30 Examination Final Examination, Part II (Systemic)