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1 Lecture Introduction to Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
2 Lecture Coronary Artery Disease
3 Lecture Ischemic Heart Disease
4 Lecture Congenital Heart Disease
5 Lecture Valvular Heart Disease
6 Lecture Anti-Ischemic Therapy
7 Lecture Arrhythmias and ECGs, Therapy of Arrhythmias
8 Lecture Dyslipidemias and Lipid Lowering Agents
9 Lecture Clinico-Pathological Conference
10 Lecture Anti Arrhythmic Agents
11 Lecture Introduction to Electrocardiography
12 Lecture Heart Failure I and II
13 Lecture Gender Differences in Heart Failure
14 Lecture Vascular Diseases I and II
15 Lecture Review
16 Examination Final Exam