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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Overview/Nutrition Assessment I [Outline ] [Text ] [Background
2 Lecture Nutrition Assessment II [Outline ] [Text ] [Background
3 Lecture Macronutrients/Carbohydrates [Outline ] [Text ] [Slides
4 Lecture Obesity [Outline ] [Text
5 Small Group Small Group: Personal Dietary Assessment
6 Lecture Minerals and Nutrition [Outline ] [Text
7 Lecture Behavioral Skills [Text
8 Lecture Lipids/CVD I [Text
9 Small Group Small Group: Intervention with DASH Diet
10 Lecture Lipids/CVD II [Text
11 Lecture Water Soluble Vitamins [Outline ] [Text ] [Slides
12 Lecture Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome [Outline ] [Text
13 Small Group Small Group: Nutrition and CVD
14 Small Group Pregnancy and Lactation [Outline ] [Text
15 Lecture Infant and Child Nutrition [Text ] [Slides
16 Lecture Nutrition and Acute Illness [Outline ] [Text ] [Slides
17 Small Group Small Group: Preventative/Therapeutic Intervention
18 Lecture Nutrition and the Elderly [Outline ] [Text
19 Lecture Nutrition and Cancer [Outline ] [Text ] [Slides
20 Lecture Nutrition and Exercise [Outline ] [Text
21 Small Group Small Group: Nutrition and the Elderly
22 Conference Panel: Obesity in Children [Text
23 Examination Final Examination