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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Session 1A: Logistics; Introduction to Veterinary Public Health
2 Lecture Session 1B: Diagnose and Investigate Health Problems and Hazards
3 Lecture Session 2: Monitor Health Status to Identify and Solve Community Health Problems
4 Lecture Session 3A: Inform, Educate and Empower People about Health Issues
5 Lecture Session 3B: Mobilize Community Partnerships and Action to Identify and Solve Health Problems
6 Lecture Session 4: Develop Policies and Plans that Support Individual and Community Health Efforts
7 Lecture Session 5A: Enforce Laws and Regulations that Protect Health and Ensure Safety
8 Lecture Session 5B: Assure a Competent Public and Personal Health Care Workforce
9 Lecture Session 5C: Link People to Needed Personal Health Services / Assure Provision of Health Care When Otherwise Unavailable
10 Lecture Session 6: Evaluate Effectiveness, Accessibility and Quality of Personal and Population-Based Health Services
11 Lecture Session 7: Research for New Insight and Innovative Solutions to Health Problems
12 Lecture Session 8: The Future of Veterinary Medicine in Public Health