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1 Lecture Overview
2 Lecture Plant Pest Interaction - History and Overview; Basic Chemistry of Pesticides [Text
3 Lecture Plant Pest Interaction - Regulatory System [Text
4 Lecture Plant Pest Interaction - Problems and Alteratives to Pesticides [Text
5 Lecture Plant Pest Interaction - Pesticide Controversies [Text
6 Lecture Plant Pest Interaction - Economics of Pesticide Use [Text
7 Lecture Crop Breeding - Conventional Breeding [Text
8 Lecture Crop Breeding - GMOs: Technology and Regulation [Text
9 Lecture Crop Breeding - Markets, Perceptions, Politics, and Intellectual Property Rights [Text
10 Lecture Crop Breeding - Genetics Diversity [Text
11 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Fertilizer History and Technology [Text
12 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Environmental Impacts; Nitrogen Cycle [Text
13 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Manures and Other Alternative Nutrient Resources [Text
14 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Safety and Health Consequences [Text
15 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Fertilizer Economics; Yield Response [Text
16 Lecture Plant Nutrients - Rethinking the Green Revolution [Text
17 Lecture Livestock - Conventional Production Systems [Text
18 Lecture Livestock - Global Meat Trade, Mad Cow, Country-of-Origin Labeling [Text
19 Lecture Livestock - Health Issues [Text
20 Lecture Livestock - Alternative Livestock Production Systems [Text
21 Lecture Livestock - Animal Health and Welfare [Text
22 Lecture Livestock - Contracting and Consolidation [Text
23 Lecture Livestock - In the News [Text
24 Lecture Wrap-Up Session: Organic Systems
25 Lecture Class Presentation
26 Lecture Class Presentation