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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Hospitalized Medical Record Review Rotation [MRR ] [MRR1 ] [MRR2 ] [MRR3 ] [MRR4
2 Lecture Outpatient Dental Record Review Rotation [DRR1 ] [DRR2 ] [DRR3
3 Lecture Problem Based Learning (PBL) Rotation
4 Lecture Chronic Medical Condition Patient Rotation
5 Lecture Forensic Dentistry and Bioterrorism Rotation
6 Lecture Hematology/Oncology Rotation [Slides
7 Lecture Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Rotation [Text
8 Lecture Emergency Medical Care Rotation and Emergency Room (ER) Clinical Experience Rotation
9 Lecture TUSDM Emergency Code Protocols and Code Cart Rotation
10 Lecture Clinical Research and Writing Rotation [Slides
11 Lecture Pharmacology Rotation
12 Lecture Child Abuse Rotation
13 Lecture Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD) Clinical Experience Rotation
14 Lecture Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Tumor Board, ENT Clinical Experience Rotation and Oral Health Assessment
15 Lecture Renal Clinical Experience Rotation and Oral Health Assessment
16 Lecture Pediatric Developmentally Disabled Patient (PDDR) Clinical Experience Rotation [Text
17 Lecture Transplant Clinical Experience Rotation [Slides
18 Lecture Oral Medicine Clinical Experience Rotation
19 Lecture Medicine in the Dental Clinic