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1 Lecture Introduction to Course
2 Lecture Overview of Physical Development
3 Lecture Working with Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities
4 Lecture Overview: Motor & Neurological Development
5 Lecture Atypical Motor Development
6 Lecture Overview: Cognitive Development
7 Lecture Impact of Race, Culture & Ethnicity on Development
8 Lecture Overview: Theories of Psychological Development
9 Lecture Recognizing Normal & Disordered Development in Children
10 Lecture Social & Emotional Development of Childhood
11 Lecture Youth Violence
12 Lecture Behavioral and Psychobiological Effects of Developmental Trauma
13 Lecture Child Abuse
14 Lecture Overview: Development of Personality & Character
15 Lecture Domestic Violence
16 Lecture Midterm
17 Lecture Overview: Communication Development
18 Lecture Overview: Sleep Through the Life Cycle
19 Lecture Overview: Sexual Development
20 Lecture Death in Childhood
21 Lecture Psychological & Social Development in Adolescents
22 Lecture Teen Pregnancy
23 Lecture Physiological Development of Adolescence
24 Lecture Rape
25 Lecture Overview: Pregnancy
26 Lecture Alternatives to Traditional Pregnancy
27 Lecture Overview: Transitions in Adult Development
28 Lecture Family Systems, Couples & Divorce
29 Lecture Overview: Late Life
30 Lecture Cognitive Changes with Aging: Alzheimer's Disease
31 Lecture Death & Dying
32 Lecture Hospice Care