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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Overview of the Course [Resources
2 Lecture Soils: An Overview of Policy Issues, Players and Resources
3 Lecture Soils: Basic Concepts [Text
4 Lecture Soils: Problems and Soil Improvements [Text
5 Lecture Soils: USDA Conservation Programs [Text
6 Lecture Soils: Structuring Policies to Create Change
7 Lecture Soils: Erosion and Tillage [Text
8 Lecture Soils: The Dust Bowl
9 Lecture Water: The Hydrological Cycle; Drought [Text
10 Lecture Water: Irrigation Technology [Text
11 Lecture Water: Irrigation Policy; History and Economics [Text
12 Lecture Water: Wetlands: Swampbuster and Mitigation Banking [Text
13 Lecture Water: Water Pollution [Text
14 Lecture Water: Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts [Text
15 Lecture Air: Pollution Caused by or Affecting Agriculture [Text
16 Lecture Air: Clean Air Act, Methyl Bromide
17 Lecture Air: Greenhouse Gases and Ozone-Depleting Gases [Text
18 Lecture Air: International Agreements on Greenhouse and Ozone-Depleting Gases
19 Lecture Forestry, Biomass and Energy: Forest policy [Text
20 Lecture Forestry, Biomass and Energy: Agroforestry [Text
21 Lecture Forestry, Biomass and Energy: Agriculture's Use of Energy [Text
22 Lecture Forestry, Biomass and Energy: Agricultural Biomass [Text
23 Lecture Forestry, Biomass and Energy: Policies and Local Food Initiatives [Text
24 Lecture Class Presentations
25 Lecture Class Presentations