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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Respiratory Physiology Review [Text
2 Lecture Acid-Base Regulation in the Lungs [Text
3 Lecture Structure/Function of Airways and Alveolar Region
4 Lecture Lung Injury and Pneumonia
5 Lecture Clinical Evaluation of the Respiratory System [Text
6 Lecture Radiology of the Thorax
7 Lecture Viral Injury of the Respiratory Tract
8 Lecture Immune Defense of the Lungs [Text
9 Lecture Inflammatory Lung Injury [Text
10 Lecture Tumors of the Respiratory System
11 Lecture Exercise Physiology
12 Lecture Acute Lung Injury
13 Lecture Upper Respiratory Tract Disease
14 Conference Clinical Pathologic Conference
15 Conference Clinical Pathologic Conference
16 Lecture Midterm Exam Review
17 Examination Midterm Exam
18 Lecture Pulmonary Function Testing in Animals
19 Lecture Airway Innervation and Obstructve/Restrictive Disease
20 Lecture Pulmonary Vascular Disease [Text
21 Lecture Respiratory Disease of Swine and Small Ruminants
22 Lecture Respiratory Disease of Dogs and Cats
23 Lecture Bovine Respiratory Disease
24 Lecture Diseases of the Pleura and Mediastinum [Text
25 Lecture Equine Respiratory Disease
26 Lecture Respiratory Disease of Laboratory Animals [Text
27 Lecture Acid-Base Regulation Revisited [Text
28 Lecture Final Exam Review
29 Examination Final Exam