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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Patient Interview: Introduction
2 Lecture History Taking: Structure and Contents
3 Lecture Physical Examination: Structure and Detailed Discussion
4 Lecture Additional Signs, Symptoms, and Conditions: Definitions
5 Lecture Anemia: Bleeding Disorders
6 Lecture Cardiopulmonary Diseases
7 Lecture Endocrine Conditions
8 Lecture Fits and Faints
9 Lecture Gastrointestinal Dysfunctions and Diseases
10 Examination Exam I
11 Lecture Lab Tests/Signs and Symptoms of Diseases
12 Lecture Viral Hepatitis
13 Lecture Hospitalizations
14 Lecture Infectious Diseases
15 Lecture Kidneys and the Urinary Tract
16 Lecture Obstetric History; Likelihood of Pregnancy
17 Lecture Musculoskeletal System
18 Lecture Neurological
19 Lecture Ophthalmic
20 Lecture Psychiatric Disorders
21 Lecture Violence as a Health Issue
22 Lecture Behavioral Medicine
23 Lecture Dental Assessment: Physical Examination
24 Lecture Oral Pathology: Physical Examination
25 Lecture Pharmacology Part I (Antibiotics Review Sheet)
26 Lecture Pharmacology Part II
27 Examination Exam II