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1 Course Introduction [Slides
2 Hypotheses in Science
3 Discussion: Tropical Nature (seasonality)
4 Discussion: Consequences of Seasonality
5 Mechanisms of Climatic Variation [Text
6 Library Session (how to find and evaluate library sources)
7 Consequences of Climate Change
8 Exercise: Write Article on Climate Change for General Public
9 Discussion: Nutrient Cycling & Consequences of Deforestation [Text
10 Oral Presentation: Ecosystem Reports 1. Tropical Dry Forests & Ecosystem 2. Lowland Tropical Rainforests
11 Oral Presentation: Research Proposal: Paper presentation
12 Discussion: Biological Interactions [Text
13 Oral Presentation: Ecosystem Reports 3. Tropical Cloud Forests / Ecosystem 4: Tropical Paramo & Alpine
14 Discussion: Evolution of Biodiversity
15 Exercise: Research Proposal: Hypothesis and Rationale
16 Discussion: Maintenance of Biodiversity: Are species equivalent?
17 Discussion: Value of Biodiversity
18 Agriculture: Traditional [Text
19 Open Work Session: Individual Meetings to Discuss Research Proposal
20 Discussion: Agriculture: Intensified [Text ] [Text
21 Oral Presentation: Ecosystem 5. Coffee 6. Sustainable Forestry
22 Discussion: Ecosystem Reports: 7. Tropical Forests, Carbon Sequestration and the Kyoto Protocol
23 Exercise: Write Article on Carbon Sequestration for General Public
24 Oral Presentation: Research Proposal Presentations
25 Oral Presentation: Research Proposal Presentations
26 Oral Presentation: Research Proposal Presentations