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Session   Type Title  
1 Lecture Orientation
2 Lecture 1st Appointment - Exam, preliminary impression, cast pouring, marking and preliminary trays
3 Laboratory Alginate impression of the edentulous dentiform, pour, trip, and mark for trays, edentulous custom trays
4 Lecture Adjust trays intraorally, border moulding, final impression
5 Laboratory Complete custom tray fabrication
6 Lecture Boxing, pouring and trimming the final casts, record bases and wax rims
7 Laboratory Adjust trays, border moulding, final impressions
8 Lecture Maxillo-mandibular record-making
9 Laboratory Box impression, pour and trim final casts
10 Examination First written examination
11 Lecture Denture teeth, articulators and facebows
12 Laboratory Fabricate record bases and wax rims
13 Lecture Articulation, set-up and try-in
14 Laboratory Complete record bases and wax rims
15 Lecture Lab procedures
16 Laboratory Adjust rims on the dentiform, occlusal registration, mount case on the articulator
17 Lecture Delivery and aftercare
18 Laboratory Demonstrate facebow recording, complete laboratory procedures to date, adjust rims on the articulator
19 Lecture Immediate dentures
20 Laboratory Anterior denture teeth set-up
21 Lecture Tissue conditioning and denture relining
22 Laboratory Posterior denture tooth set-up
23 Lecture Cranio-facial considerations
24 Laboratory Complete set-up