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1 Lecture Introduction
2 Lecture Introduction: TV News Magazines, Documentaries & Using Media for Positive Social Change
3 Lecture Camera Workshop #1
4 Lecture Editing Workshop #1
5 Lecture New Media... New Journalism and Smarter Web Surfing
6 Lecture How to Research and Pitch Stories & the Importance of Ethics in Journalism
7 Lecture Camera & Sound Workshop #2
8 Lecture Editing Workshop #2
9 Lecture The Impact of Hip Hop on Society & Cultural Media Literacy & Civic Engagement
10 Lecture Newsroom Trip to WCVB & Meet Anthony Everett
11 Lecture Library Research Skills Training & Discuss Story Pitches
12 Lecture Editing Workshop #3
13 Lecture Camera Workshop #3 - Interviews and Lighting & Screen Mini Movies
14 Lecture Advocacy vs. Documentary Journalism
15 Lecture The Art of the Interview, Production Planning & Script Writing
16 Lecture Isaac Brody on Independent Filmmaking
17 Lecture Special Film Screening - "Emmanuel's Gift"
18 Lecture Crisis in American Media and The Reporter's Role
19 Lecture Media Law and Ethics
20 Lecture The Power of the Media to Affect Social Change
21 Lecture Media Images of Women
22 Lecture Work on Scripts and Editing
23 Lecture Making Films that Make a Difference
24 Lecture Screen & Critique Rough Cut #1
25 Lecture Character Development and Story-Telling
26 Lecture Reporting on Social Justice and Race Issues
27 Lecture Screen Cut #3
28 Lecture Final Cuts Due - Teams Work With Don Schechter on Post Production
29 Lecture Work on Fact Checking, Source Lists, Tape Logs, Film Festival Submissions
30 Lecture Students' Lessons Learned
31 Lecture Final Film Screening
32 Lecture Fill Out Film Festival Forms, Contact Lists, Organize Tapes for Archives
33 Lecture Final Journals Due