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Predictable implant prosthesis. (Photo by Dr. N. Chaimattayompol.)
Highlights of this Course

This course provides fundamental and foundational knowledge relevant to simple surgical and prosthodontic procedures for today's implant dentistry. A series of lectures and slide lectures, all containing instructive clear-cut images, cover advancements in restorative sciences, for example the Session 5 Fixed Partial Denture (FPD) Slide Lecture.

Course Description

This course is devoted to the fundamentals of Implant Dentistry in order to provide students with basic concepts and foundation for the discussion of the diagnosis, treatment planning and sequence of treatment with the patients, practice coordinators and prosthodontic faculty members. Within this first semester, students will explore all simple to moderate implant prosthodontic treatment modalities for patient care in the predoctoral clinic. More complex implant treatment plans that involve advanced prosthodontic or surgical procedures and/or Type IV patients based on Tufts Patient Classification System will be discussed and referral procedures to the Post Graduate Prosthodontics Clinic and/or the Implant Center, when indicated, will be presented.

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Course Faculty
Nopsaran Chaimattayompol
Nancy Arbree
Course Length
52 Hours
2nd year