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Session   Type Title  
1 Examination Optional Written Exemption Exam
2 Lecture Critiquing a Randomized Controlled Trial [Text
3 Lecture Observational Studies [Text
4 Examination Optional Oral Exemption Exam
5 Lecture Descriptive Epidemiology and Statistics [Text
6 Conference Conference 1: Evaluating a Randomized Control Trial [Text
7 Lecture Threats to Validity [Text
8 Lecture Overview of Hypothesis Testing [Text
9 Conference Conference 2:Confounding & Effect Modification [Text
10 Lecture Determinants of Health [Text
11 Lecture Inferential Statistics I [Text
12 Lecture Inferential Statistics II [Text
13 Lecture Review for Exam I
14 Lecture Common Statistical Tests [Text
15 Lecture Regression Techniques [Text
16 Conference Conference 3: Evaluating a Cohort Study [Text
17 Examination Midterm Exam
18 Conference Conference 4: Evaluating a Case Control Study
19 Lecture Screening [Text
20 Conference Conference 5: Screening
21 Lecture Regression II: Realities of Model Building [Text
22 Conference Conference 6: Evaluating a Randomized Control Trial
23 Lecture Review Session
24 Lecture Evidence-Based Medicine [Text
25 Conference Conference 7: Interpreting Data in Literature
26 Examination Final Exam