Tufts OpenCourseware
Author: Antje M. F. Danielson


  • Learn to design curriculum around One Health
  • Introduce One Health contextual content and biodiversity
  • Explore the connections between One Health and conservation medicine


Participants will

  • Explore the impacts of biodiversity on health and disease and gain an understanding for the need to incorporate ecological approaches to their work
  • Learn how to use VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) concept mapping software to illustrate connections in a One Health exercise and to illustrate One Health linkages in their own institutions (including “asset mapping” at their own institution)
  • Discuss way to design and teach an interdisciplinary course of study in One Health
  • Visit the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine wildlife hospital and farm


  • One Health Curriculum Development and Asset Mapping
  • Building a Program
  • Design on One Health and Teaching Methods
  • Student’s Perspective
  • Biodiversity and Health