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Author: Diane McKay

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Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Foundations of Nutrition Science, Fall 2012
D. McKay, PhD, FACN



  • Discuss the importance of physical activity in the later years, and define sarcopenia.
  • Summarize the nutrients of concern for aging adults, i.e., identify the nutrients for which there are different requirements in older adults
  • Define atrophic gastritis
  • Discuss the nutrition recommendations for vision changes that occur with aging.
  • Discuss the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of arthritic conditions.
  • Describe common diseases of the aging brain and the role of nutrition in brain function.
  • Outline food-related factors that can predict malnutrition in older adults, i.e., DETERMINE.
  • Identify the commonly used drugs that adversely react with nutrients, and explain the potential consequences of these interactions.

Required readings:

  • Whitney & Rolfes, Chapter 17; Highlight 17