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Author: Diane McKay

Tufts OpenCourseWare
Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Foundations of Nutrition Science, Fall 2012
D. McKay, PhD, FACN



  • Explain why a nutritionally adequate diet is important long before a pregnancy is established.
  • List the stages of prenatal growth and development. 
  • Define placenta, critical period, NTD, and spina bifida.
  • Explain the role of folate during the early stages of fetal development
  • Describe the relationship between maternal weight gain during pregnancy and infant birthweight
  • Discuss the increased nutrient needs of the mother during pregnancy including total calories and specific micronutrients required for blood production, cell growth, and bone development. 
  • Discuss the need for additional calories and fluids during lactation, and list the habits that are incompatible with lactation.
  • Define fetal alcohol syndrome.


Required readings:

  • Whitney & Rolfes, Chapter 15; Highlight 15
  • Effects of Nutrient Deficiencies During Pregnancy (handout)