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Author: Fulcrum Institute Development Team

Discussion Forum Rubric

The participation in discussion forums is 40% of the course grade.

Criteria for Assessing Posts Description
Posts in a timely way Participant
  • posts as described in the assignment.
Posts address all elements of the assigned reports and discussions Participant
  • indicates s/he has read the assignment carefully by addressing all required elements and using specific formats when requested.
Posts support group inquiry Participant
  • raises questions, encourages colleagues to raise questions, and helps colleagues answer questions;
  • encourages colleagues to bring evidence to bear on possible explanations;
  • focuses on evidence and challenges colleagues to provide evidence when it is missing or inconsistent.
Posts move colleagues' understanding forward Participant
  • responds to colleagues with provocative questions that stimulate thinking or reasoning;
  • raises alternative theories or explanations;
  • brings the group's work into focus, e.g., by summarizing, noting patterns, raising questions.