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Report, Discuss, and Reflect (~2 hrs.)

By Tuesday in the Science Forum

Post your report about heat and temperature in your life (from Part II).

By Thursday in the Science Forum

Complete your work in the science forum by discussing the learning that you've done in this course as it relates to your growing awareness and understanding of heat and temperature in your everyday life.

By Thursday in the Warm Soda Forum

Post your Thought Experiment from Part III above. Please give as much detail as possible, and explain the process using both a macroscopic and a microscopic model.

By Session 13 via Email: Send your science facilitator a letter (~ 1 page) based on your comparision of your Warm Soda thought experiments from this week and Session 1. How has your understanding evolved? Explain what you understand now that you didn’t understand at the beginning of this course and how your thinking is more nuanced.

By Friday in your journal

After the discussion wraps up, take time to look back at this week's goals and reflect on your work this week. Ask yourselves the three questions in the box below and jot down your thoughts in your journal. If there's a question you would like your group or facilitator to respond to, post it in the Science Forum.

Questions for Reflection

  • What do you think is the most important thing you learned from this week's activities?
  • What surprised you? Why?
  • What questions are you left with?