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Heat and temperature everywhere

This week your investigations of heat and temperature come to a close.

So far in this course, you've investigated heat transfer and temperature change in solids and liquids. This week, you resume your investigations of temperature change in air. You hear about this every day in weather reports and you see it at work in hot air balloons. In this session, you'll use a molecular model to explore relationships among temperature, volume, and pressures changes in air.

To conclude your work in science, you'll take stock of how your thinking about heat and temperature has evolved. You'll read your journals, and reflect on the changes in your own ideas, thoughts, and questions about temperature and heat transfer in your life. Finally, you'll revisit the Warm Soda Thought Experiment from Session 1.

Understanding Goals

  • Understand how your perspectives on heat and temperature have changed.
  • Understand the relationship among pressure, temperature, and volume in a gas.

What you need

  • Your journal
  • A plastic soda bottle with a lid
  • Hot water
  • A freezer

Session Resources