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Report, Discuss, and Reflect (~2 hrs.)

By Wednesday in the Teaching Forum

Post your description and analysis of a formative assessment experience from you classroom (II,B and C).

Use Yourname_fa_example as the subject line for this post.

By Friday/Saturday in the Teaching Forum

The discussion question asks you to synthesize all the pieces of your assignment this week. Your responses to the question and to one another should draw upon and reference all your work and the session's resources.

As you read your group's posts, you might look for

  • Commonalities among the annotated personal experience examples
  • Steps in the formative assessment cycle that are addressed in more detail than others (why might this be so?)
  • Questions raised or points made that really stretch your thinking

By Friday/Saturday in the Teaching Forum

After the discussion wraps up, post your response to the questions below by Friday evening using the subject line Reflection.

Questions for Reflection

  • What do you think is the most important thing you learned from this week's activities?
  • What surprised you? Why?
  • What questions are you left with?