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Report, Discuss, and Reflect (~2 hrs.)

Due by Wednesday in the  Forum

Post a description of the case of your learning that you developed in Section I, parts C and D. Be sure to connect your learning experience explicitly to your reading.

Thursday through Saturday in the Forum

Read your colleagues’ posts and discuss the question below. Don't forget to refer to evidence from the cases to back up the points you make or questions you ask your colleagues.

  • What are effective strategies for adult learners to (a) identify their relevant prior knowledge and understanding, (b) motivate and engage them, (c) monitor their developing understanding (self-assess)? Do you think some of these are critical strategies for students or particularly important for learning science?

Also, let us know what you found out when you asked your students how they know if, and how, their ideas are changing and how they know if they do or don't understand. Use the subject line My students told me

Due by Saturday in the Forum

After the discussion wraps up, post your response to the questions below by Friday evening using the subject line Reflection.

Questions for Reflection

  • What do you think is the most important thing you learned from this week's activities?
  • What surprised you? Why?
  • What questions are you left with?