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Author: Neal Hirsig

Lesson 06 - Lighting


All of the course material is located on this online course site or is referenced here to other online material. Although all of the instructional material is located on this course site, you must have access to a personal computer on which you can download all of the required Blender software application (free) and execute all of the required assignments. See Course Syllabus for more information.


This course is also available for downloading to your iPhone or iPad via Tufts University iTunesU. (Install the iTunesU app / Search Colleges and Universities - Tufts University / Subscribe to "3D Design - Blender"). You can also download the course to a desktop or laptop via the iTunes application.

The video tutorials are also available on my Vimeo channel (Blender Video Tutorials - Neal Hirsig)


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Neal Hirsig


Lesson #6 focuses on Blender lighting and the World background editor. Blender has a wonderful selection of lamp objects that allow modelers to create both realistic and abstract lighting effects.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 7 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Lighting and Cameras (pages 131-136)

Video Tutorials:

06-01 - Blender Lighting Point Lamp
06-02 - Blender Lighting Sun Lamp
06-03 - Blender Lighting Sun Lamp Sky And Atmosphere
06-04 - Blender Lighting Hemi Lamp
06-05 - Blender Lighting Area Lamp
06-06 - Blender Lighting Spot Lamp
06-07 - Blender Lighting Ambient Occlusion
06-08 - World Editor Background Sky
06-09 - World Editor Background Image
06-10 - World Editor Stars
06-11 - World Editor Mist
06-12 - LampConstraints and Parenting

PDF Tutorials:


Lesson 06 - 06A - Flashlight

Flashlight PDF Tutorial
Flashlight Complete.blend


With 4 cubes and a monkey object, use Blender lighting and world mist to create a rendered image that looks something like this image. (Variation) - Use a spot lamp to Illuminate the money object with a sharp beam of volumetric light.