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Authors: Shafiqul Islam, William Moomaw

Water and Diplomacy 2011
Shafiqul “Shafik” Islam, ScD. Professor, School of Engineering and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
William Moomaw, PhD. Professor, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Tufts University

1. Session 13 – Readings

Ashcraft, Catherine. Negotiations for an Agreement on Sustainable Water Management in the Danube Basin. (Forthcoming).

Ashcraft, Catherine. South Florida Everglades Restoration. (Forthcoming).

Eaton, Joseph & David Eaton. "Negotiation Strategies in International Disputes." Environment and Conflicts Project ENCOP Occasional Papers, Center for Security Studies (2004).

Susskind, Lawrence and Catherine Ashcraft. How to Negotiate Fairer and More Sustainable Water Agreements. IUCN Negotiate (Forthcoming).