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Authors: Shafiqul Islam, William Moomaw

Water and Diplomacy 2011
Shafiqul “Shafik” Islam, ScD. Professor, School of Engineering and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
William Moomaw, PhD. Professor, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Tufts University

1. Session 11 – Readings

1.1. Required

Sax, Joseph, et al. Legal Control of Water Resources. St. Paul: Thomson West (2006).

Required readings in Sax, et al are in bold. All other readings are recommended but optional. Pay particular attention to the questions and notes following the assigned cases as they will guide class discussion.  

1.1.1. Riparianism

  • The Basic Tenets of Riparianism 27-36

  • Pyle v. Gilbert 47-53

  • Restatement (Second) of Torts on Riparian Rights 57-61

  • Municipal Water Supply in Riparian Jurisdictions 79-82

  • Interbasin Transfer for Municipal Supply 87-89

  • State of North Carolina v. Hudson 89-97

  • City of Virginia Beach v. Champion International Corp. 97-101

  • Riparianism's Regulated Present and Possible Future 101-102

1.1.2. Prior Appropriation

  • Prior Appropriation System 124-139

  • In the Matter of a Certain Petition for Adjudication of Rights to the Use of Water 134-135

  • Acquiring Appropriative Rights 139-165

  • Tulare Irrigation Dist. V. Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District 165-168

  • Erickson v. Queen Valley Ranch Co. 168-173

  • State Department of Ecology v. Grimes 173-176

  • Imperial Irrigation District: Alleged Waste and Unreasonable Use of Water 176-183

  • Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District v. Shelton Farms, Inc. 183-186

  • Salt River Valley Water Users Association v. Kovacovich 186-191

  • Arizona Public Service Co. v. Long 201-209

  • Shokal v. Dunn 227-230

  • Jenkins v. State, Department of Water Resources 248-249

1.1.3. Ground Water

  • Doctrines of Ground Water 411-421

1.1.4. Public Trust

  • Public Trust 606-610

  • National Audubon Society v. Superior Court 610-621

1.1.5. Federal Reserved Right

  • Federal Reserved Rights 903-905

  • Winters v. United States 905-909

  • Cappaert v. United States 912-917