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Author: One Health Students


The final product from the students' work was an interactive concept map, using the VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) program. The VUE map allows the user to visualize the one health connections and relationships, as well as access background information and references that support the map by clicking on individual nodes which provide interactive links to resource documents.

To see the individual disciplinary concept student VUE maps, click

Animal Health Disciplinary Concept Map

Human Health Disciplinary Concept Map

Environmental Disciplinary Concept Map

Farming Disciplinary Concept Map 

To use the final concept map in your browser without installing the VUE program, click on the Interactive VUE map link below. After opening the map, click individual nodes to access the background information and references.

Interactive VUE Map:

Interactive VUE map - (1266 x 859)

To learn about and use the VUE program, you can download it free from:

Tufts University Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) webpage.

You can then download and manipulate the original One Health map and supporting documents, and create VUE concept maps of your own.

Click below for editable version of the One Health VUE map:

VUE file