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Author: Gretchen Kaufman, DVM

OCW One Health, 2008
G. Kaufman, DVM
Tufts University

1. Sustainable Agriculture Class 11

1.1. Field trip to university farm operations to conduct interviews and see a farm in operation

See details on the farms

View university seminars on Farming for the Future


  1. clothes you don't mind getting dirty (coveralls would be good, but not required)

  2. rubber cleanable boots or heavy shoes  (plastic booties will also be available to go over shoes) ; we will need to change or disinfect shoes between farms

  3. layered outerwear, e.g. down or fleece vest, windproof outer jacket, hat and gloves ; barns are generally warm, but outside viewing of the manure pit (oh boy) might be cold, especially if there is a wind


  1. Leave from promptly at noon (i.e. get there before noon!); Box lunches will be provided for the drive up.  We will carry on a discussion on the bus about stakeholders

  2. Arrive farm offices by 1:30

  3. Drive to the Organic Dairy and have a tour (this is 5 miles away) - 1 hour

  4. Return for a tour of the Conventional Dairy - 1 hour

  5. Conduct discussion and question/answer session - 1hour

  6. Leave at 4:30 for return

1.1.1. Class Activity

  • Observe farm operations and interview farm workers.

  • Questions - final draft (see Supplementary Material folder for list of questions)

1.2. Assignments

Assignments due next week:

1.2.1. General:

  • Organize data from field trip and post (see Supplementary Material folder for notes, including images, from field trip)

  • Continue to work on VUE map for final presentation

  • Revise and finalize glossary/concepts to everyone's agreement

  • Convert questions into hypothesis to put on the map

1.2.2. eJournal assignment:


1.2.3. Reading assignment: