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Author: Gretchen Kaufman, DVM

OCW One Health, 2008
G. Kaufman, DVM
Tufts University

1. Sustainable Agriculture Class 8

1.1. Overarching exercise and presentations

Overarching exercise: Presentation techniques - Ken Chui

1.1.1. Presentation Links:

1.2. Class Activity

  • Discuss Team presentation techniques, finalize interdisciplinary draft report and evaluation of integrative methodology

  • Work on presentation for next week - each group will use their VUE map to present their knowledge NEXT WEEK

  • Discuss disciplinary stereotypes (see Student work)

  • Discuss open questions and disciplinary gaps (see Student work)

1.3. Assignments

1.3.1. General: prepare for midterm presentation:

  1. Fine tune your VUE maps to reflect your research.  If possible imbed key issues in each node which can then be linked to your bibliographic references.  You could also incorporate summaries of your issues in the node information area. Please keep to the conventions agreed upon to make merging the maps easier.  Save your VUE map file on the wiki and also bring on a thumb drive, just in case.

  2. Complete your glossary of terms with definitions

  3. Construct questions that address gaps in knowledge or disciplinary gaps that you have identified ; feel free to communicate with other groups about these questions if you think they may be able to help

1.3.2. Presentation expectations

We would like you to use your VUE map to present your disciplinary point of view - be prepared to give a tour of your knowledgebase and the links you may have discovered.  If possible point out the gaps that you have identified.  This should take about 10 minutes.  For tips on presenting with VUE see . You need not repeat what you did before, your materials should be well organized and represented on the map, and you need only highlight/show how you have organized the key information.

Plan for the midterm class is on the Class 9 page.

1.3.3. ejournal assignment:

None this week

1.3.4. Reading assignment: