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Author: Gretchen Kaufman, DVM

OCW One Health, 2008
G. Kaufman, DVM
Tufts University

1. Sustainable Agriculture Class 4

1.1. Overarching exercise and presentations

  • Overarching exercise: Measuring human, animal and environmental health - Joann Lindenmayer and faculty

  • Technology Support session - David Grogan, Melanie St. James - Adobe connect and Vue mapping

1.2. Class Activity

Group work: working with VUE and continuing disciplinary research

1.3. Assignments

1.3.1. Reading to prepare for this week:

CDC on Guidelines for the Evaluation of Surveillance Systems ; MMWR 1988; 37(SS-5):1-19

1.3.2. Assignments due next week: General

Continue disciplinary research ejournal assignment

Think about the principles presented for measuring health in people.  How might these principles be applicable or not applicable to measuring health in your discipline? (250 words max) Reading assignment