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Author: Gretchen Kaufman, DVM

OCW One Health, 2008
G. Kaufman, DVM
Tufts University

1. Sustainable Agriculture Class 1

1.1. Overarching exercise and presentations

What is Health? Panel discussion on parameters of Human, Animal and Environmental Health - What is "One Health" ?

1.2. Class Activity

Break into groups and consider the "problem"

1.3. Assignments

1.3.1. Preparatory Reading for Class 1:

  • Virchow RC. Excerpts from Report on the Typhus Epidemic in Upper Silesia

  • Starr, P. The Social Origins of Professional Sovereignty, in The Social Transformation of American Medicine (pages 1-29)

  • Gittleman, S. Entrepreneurial University: The Transformation of Tufts, 1976-2002, A New View of Health, pages 107-112.

1.3.1. Reading for next week:

  • - Malcolm Gladwell The Tipping Point, The New Yorker, June 3, 1996.

  • VUE map tutorial

  • Veronica Boix Mansilla – Interdisciplinary work at the Frontier, Issues in Integrative Studies, No. 24, pp. 1-31 (2006)

1.3.2. eJournal assignment:

  1. Think about the draft problem statement and suggest revision(s)

  2. Which discipline would you most like to represent and give reasons (250 words max)