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Author: Gretchen Kaufman, DVM

OCW Zoological Medicine 2008
Mammal, Part III - Ungulate Readings
G. Kaufman, DVM
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

1. Ungulate

Meningeal worm may threaten moose in Alaska (2004). ProMED-mail 20040404.0931.

Moose Die-off in Minnesota (2003). ProMED-mail 20030215.0393.

Pestivirus threatens chamois in the Pyrrenees (2005). ProMED-mail 20050827.2540.

Sumatran Rhinos critically threatened (2003). ProMED-mail 20031118.2863.

Guidelines for Prevention of Foot and Mouth Disease in Zoos.

West Nile Virus in deer confused with CWD, US (2002). ProMED-mail 20021116.5819.

Malignant Catarrhal Fever in exotic ungulates in NJ (2002). ProMED-mail 20020530.4368384.

EEE diagnosed in deer in Michigan (2005). ProMED-mail 20050925.2825.

Rhinderpest found in warthogs (2003). ProMED-mail 20030824.2135.

FMD in Elephants (Mar 2001).

Elephant Die-off in India. ProMED-mail 20020530.4368384.

Better off dead than captive bred? - elephants in captivity.

Necropsy of Wild Ungulates

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Self-sustaining rabies outbreak in kudu antelope in Namibia (2006). ProMED-mail 20060518.1397.

FMD outbreak in endangered wild gazelle – 2007. ProMED-mail 20070324.1025.

Importance of wild boar in FMD epidemiology in Israel (2007). ProMED-mail 20070517.1571.

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Wildebeest associated MCF infects cattle in Texas (2008). ProMED-mail 20080418.1396.

Occurrence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis across host species and European countries with evidence for transmission between wildlife and domestic ruminants .

1.1. Anthrax Reports

Anthrax kills elephants in Namibia (2008). ProMED-mail 20040328.0850.

Anthrax in Indian Elephants (2004). ProMED-mail 20040328.0850.

Anthrax in Zimbabwe (2004). ProMED-mail 20040914.2562.

Anthrax in Botswana (2004). ProMED- 20040920.2600.

Anthrax in cattle and deer in Texas (2004). ProMED-mail 20040829.2415.

Hippo die-off in Uganda (2004). ProMED-mail 20040823.2352.

Anthrax in Rhinos (2001). ProMED-mail 20010608.1122.

Anthrax in Wood Bison (2001). ProMED-mail 20010831.2078.

Anthrax, Zebras – Uganda (Lake Mburo National Park). ProMED-mail.

Anthrax in wildlife (including Elephants) in Namibia (2005). ProMED-mail 20050708.1939.

Anthrax in Texas involving deer (2005). ProMED-mail 20050709.1944.

Anthrax killing bison in South Dakota (2005). ProMED-mail 20050729.2211.

Anthrax, wildlife – South Africa (Kruger National Park) (2006). ProMED-mail 20060615.1662.

Anthrax, Wildlife - Namibia (Caprivi) (2006). ProMED-mail 20060615.1663.

Anthrax, Bovine - USA (Minnesota) (2006). ProMED-mail 20060615.1665.

Narrative from State veterinarian on anthrax outbreak in MN (2006). ProMED-mail 20060628.1790.

Wafula MM, Patrick A, Charles T. Managing the 2004/05 anthrax outbreak in Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks, Uganda. Afr J Ecol. 2008;46(1):24-31.

1.2. Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic Wasting Disease - NWHC site

Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance

Gordon PM, Schutz E, Beck J, et al. Disease-specific motifs can be identified in circulating nucleic acids from live elk and cattle infected with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Nucleic Acids Res. 2009;37(2):550-556.

2006 Annual Report of the Committee on Captive Wildlife and Alternative Livestock

APHIS Veterinary Services site

North American Elk Breeders Association information on CWD

CWD found in a wild moose in Colorado (2005). ProMED-mail 20050930.2865.

Chronic Wasting Disease found in a Moose in Wyoming (2008). ProMED-mail 20081018.3299.

CWD found in wild deer in West Virginia (2005). ProMED-mail 20050904.2615.

CWD in NY State (2005). ProMED-mail 20050331.0932.

FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Use of Material From Deer and Elk in Animal Feed .

New rapid test for CWD (2004). ProMED-mail 20040312.0690.

Environmental spread of CWD in mule deer (2004). ProMED-mail 20040519.1335.

CWD live animal testing (2001). ProMED-mail 20011223.3102.

CWD in Canada devastates herds (2001). ProMED-mail 20010723.1436.

Deer and Elk trade restricted due to CWD (2002). ProMED-mail 20020415.3958.

CWD Transmission Deer to Cattle (2001). ProMED-mail 20010314.0515.

CWD Epidemiology in Wisconsin (2003). ProMED-mail 20030707.1668.

CWD Environmental Spread 92004). ProMED-mail 20040519.1335.

CWD exported to South Korea (2004). ProMED-mail 20041125.3155.

Chronic Wasting Disease of Deer and Elk; Wyoming Game and Fish (VIDEO)

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CWD shows up in Michigan (2008). ProMED-mail 20080827.2671.

A prion disease of cervids: Chronic wasting disease .

Live Testing of Elk under research at Rocky Mountain National Park (2008). ProMED-mail 20080411.1333.

Implications of CWD getting into feedground elk. Wildlife disease debate heats up by Chris Merrill. October 20, 2008. Wyoming Star-Tribune online.

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Susceptibilities of Nonhuman Primates to Chronic Wasting Disease .

Tamguney G, Miller MW, Wolfe LL, et al. Asymptomatic deer excrete infectious prions in faeces. Nature. 2009;461(7263):529-532.

1.3. Brucellosis

DNA fingerprinting points to elk for brucella infections in cattle (2008). ProMED-mail 20080727.2288.

Recent Brucellosis Outbreaks in Wyoming (2004). ProMED-mail 20040110.0114.

Elk with Brucellosis again found in Yellowstone (2009). ProMED-mail 20090117.0196.

Kilpatrick AM, Gillin CM, Daszak P.Wildlife-livestock conflict: the risk of pathogen transmission from bison to cattle outside Yellowstone National Park. Journal of Applied Ecology 2009, 46, 476-485.

Brucellosis outbreak in cattle from elk in Idaho (2006). ProMED-mail 20060101.0006.

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1.4. Hemorrhagic Disease Outbreaks

2007 EHD outbreak spreads to Tennessee (2007). ProMED-mail 20070821.2739.

2007 EHD outbreak in Kentucky 92007). ProMED-mail 0070818.2701.

EHD outbreak in white tailed deer in Texas (2006). ProMED-mail 20060930.2801.

EHD outbreak in Indiana (2004). ProMED-mail 20041112.3061.

EHD virus affecting cattle in Ohio (2007). ProMED-mail 20070905.2922.

Bluetongue outbreak in antelope and whitetail deer in south eastern Montana (2007). ProMED-mail 20070922.3149.

Map of Virus Isolation Confirmed Hemorrhagic Disease 2007.

1.5. Emerging Wildlife Reservoirs of Tuberculosis

De Lisle GW, Bengis RG, Schmitt SM, O'Brien DJ. Tuberculosis in free-ranging wildlife: Detection, diagnosis and management. OIE Revue Scientifique et Technique. 2002;21(2):317-334.

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Badger vaccine trial for Bovine TB, UK. (2006). ProMED-mail 20060622.1724.

More discussion on epidemiology of TB in badgers and cattle in UK (2006). ProMED-mail 20061011.2915.

Culling badgers to control bovine TB, UK? (2006). ProMED-mail 20071217.4053.

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Bovine Tuberculosis in Michigan

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Bovine TB now a problem in deer in Minnesota (2006). ProMED-mail 20061101.3131.

Bovine TB in people and their pets UK (2008). ProMED-mail 20080903.2751.

TB in Wisconsin Elk (2002). ProMED-mail 20020623.4574.

Tuberculosis found in a captive fallow deer in NY (2008). ProMED-mail 20081019.3306.

TB found in captive elk herd in Indiana (2009). ProMED-mail 20090628.2343.

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TB in Deer in New Zealand (2002). ProMED-mail 20021208.6015.

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Bovine Tuberculosis in Donana Biosphere Reserve: The Role of Wild Ungulates as Disease Reservoirs in the Last Iberian Lynx Strongholds

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Elephant TB in South India (2008). ProMED-mail 20080910.2830.

Tuberculosis reservoir in wild boars in Spain (2005). ProMED-mail 20050707.1923.

1.6. Elephant Herpes Virus

Elephant herpes virus, US (2001). ProMED-mail 19990222.0233.

Elephant Herpes virus controversy (2007). ProMED-mail 20071208.3958.

Elephant Herpes virus virology/epidemiology, US (2007). ProMED-mail 20071217.4053.

Baby zoo elephant dies of herpes virus, Canada (2008). ProMED-mail 20081104.3460.

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Elephant Herpes virus and Houston Zoo, US (2008). ProMED-mail 20081116.3622.

Elephant virus at St Louis Zoo has all zoos worried, US (2009). ProMED-mail 20090220.0712.

1.7. Bighorn Sheep and Pneumonia

Montana Bighorn dying from pneumonia, 2009. ProMED-mail 20091126.4055.

Pneumonia in Big Horn Sheep, Montana, 2002. ProMED-mail 20020322.3791.

Pneumonia kills big horn sheep in New Mexico, 2006. ProMED-mail 20060316.0824.

Bighorn battle could doom sheep ranchers - domestic vs. wild sheep by Eric Barker. Native American Times, March 09, 2009. Accessed [Internet] December 2009.

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