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Authors: John Morgan, Bonnie F. Zimble

Special Considerations in Special Care Dentistry:

Limitation of Movement (LOM)

Special Care in Dentistry
John Morgan, DDS
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, 2008

Study Questions:

  1. Define Limitation of Movement (LOM).
  2. List five categories in which LOM is a concern.

Limitation of Movement 

The following information has been adapted from Massachusetts DMR regulation 115 CMR 5.12.

Limitation of movement (LOM) is defined as “any restriction on the movement of an individual for the protection of that individual or others or in accordance with a behavior modification plan.  Limitations of movements can be categorized on the basis of the reason for the limitation.  Each category has its own requirements for implementation of the LOM.” The five categories are:

(a)   Emergency restraint;

(b)  Transportation restraint;

(c)   Support needed to achieve proper body position, balance, or alignment;

(d)  Health related protections;

(e)   Holds implemented in accordance with behavior modification plans