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Authors: John Morgan, Bonnie F. Zimble

Special Considerations in Special Care Dentistry:


Special Care in Dentistry
John Morgan, DDS
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, 2008

Study Questions:

  1. Describe the role of Service Coordinator.
  2. What is an Individual Service Plan?

What unique considerations must be given to patients with special needs? 

This module describes important special considerations that must be given to patients with special needs. Each will be discussed in the pages that follow. They include:


Informed consent

Health-related protection

The Service Coordinator

A key individual in the life of a patient with special needs is the service coordinator, the person designated by a state’s Department of Developmental Services to arrange, coordinate, monitor, and remain informed about the services or supports provided, purchased, or arranged by the Department for a particular individual. The service coordinator is responsible for the development of an Individual Service Plan (ISP), a written plan that spells out the services or supports the individual with special needs will receive. ISPs are developed, implemented, reviewed, and modified according to the requirements of the Department’s regulations.