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Authors: Jeffrey Griffiths, M.D., David Gute, Ph.D.

1. Biology of Water and Health Homework Assignment #2

For your second homework assignment we would like you to work within your groups but there will also be a need for coordination across groups as well.

We are entering a phase of the course in which you will be asked to immerse yourselves in the water and health issues of different global regions. These regions will be India and East Africa. We request that Groups 1 and 2 address India with Groups 3 and 4 addressing East Africa.

We request that for each region, coordination (among groups) occur as to how the review of available information will take place. Groups could assign responsibilities by geographic area (ex. Western India) or by affected population (children within the designated region). Class time this evening will be provided to facilitate this coordination.

We would like you to access the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) data base to better understand the following issues about your assigned region.

Please consider as fair game any information from within the UN family of organizations or as published by government and or NGO sources.

1.1. Questions to Answer

  • What proportion of inhabitants has access to potable water?

  • What proportion of inhabitants has access to sewage?

  • The adequacy (including accuracy and completeness) of this information should be explored.

  • Looking across the planning horizon of the MDG (extends to 2015) what are the prospects for success in terms of your region of responsibility.

  • In addition please devise your own questions as you see fit.

1.2. Format and Process for Completing this Assignment

  • Individual research effort should not extend beyond 3-4 hours.

  • Each person should submit a 1-2 page set of notes in response to the questions.

  • Each group should submit a one page Executive Summary of the state of water resources in their area of interest.

  • In this way we, as a class, will directly benefit from a comparison of water resources in East Africa and India.