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Authors: Jeffrey Griffiths, M.D., David Gute, Ph.D.

1. Biology of Water and Health Problem Set #1

See the 12 cases in the (to be determined) folder.

The assignments are as follows:

1.1. Group 1

  • Fluoride

  • Raj midway refuse

  • Toilet facilities for girls

1.2. Group 2

  • Iodized salt

  • Carbonated soft drink water shortage

  • Handwashing

1.3. Group 3

  • Field defecation

  • Wastewater use in agriculture

  • Sewage

1.4. Group 4

  • Sewage Use in Irrigation

  • Fisheries

  • Water sampling locations

2. Specific elements of the assignment

  1. Please briefly address each question as they pertain to the assigned case studies.

  2. Please contain your written comments to one page per case (standard margins, 12 point font, 1.5 spacing). Thus each group will be submitting THREE pages of narrative.

  3. Please select the case study which was your group’s “favorite” for a brief oral summary of five minutes duration (no PowerPoint).

  4. Please provide the criteria by which you made your selection.

  5. Have fun in exploring the different disciplinary approaches to these problems.

3. Organizational advice

  1. Please designate an editor.

  2. Please designate a “reporter” who will provide the oral summary of your “favorite” case.

  3. If there are holes in your understanding of a basic issue please designate a “researcher” for filling in these gaps in understanding. This is not primarily a research exercise.

  4. You will communicate via discussion groups. You will be having such meetings at other points in the semester.