Tufts OpenCourseware
Author: Barbara Parmenter, Ph.D.

1. Online Data Catalog Sites

  • Stanford Libraries and Academic Information Services
    - This is a very well organized site with some special topic areas as well as the main clearinghouses. Check out the site's web bookmark file for even more site.

  • Tufts GIS Data Resources Guide
    - Tufts GIS staff maintain a listing of GIS data sites concentrating on international and US national clearinghouses, as well as New England states, cities and towns.

  • Harvard University - Cartography and GIS Links
    - This site has useful links to both GIS and map sites.

  • University of Arkansas Libraries - Geospatial and Attribute Data Links
    - well organized data resource guide to state and national data.

  • US National Data Sets
    For quick easy access to a multitude of nationwide data sets for the US, check the National Atlas (http://nationalatlas.gov/ - for data download, go to the link for "Mapping Professionals" and then "Raw Data."  If you are doing a national level GIS project or looking at a large region, this is a great site to use. If you want just parts of the US, use the National Map web site from which you can clip regions - http://nationalmap.gov/

  • Free GIS Data by Region - Collins Software
    - This is an excellent and extensive list of city, metropolitan, and state data sets, plus some good international data links, from Collins Software out of Houston, TX.