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Author: Barbara Parmenter, Ph.D.

1. Assignment 1 - GIS Project Examples in your Area of Interest (5 points)

Introduction to GIS for Urban and Environmental Analysis

Barbara Parmenter, PhD, Tufts University, 2007

Format : Text or PDF document.

The goal of this exercise is for you to find an application of GIS in a project of interest to you, to read about it, and to think about the data used, the analysis methods, etc.

  1. Please complete all questions in Written Exercise 1, pages 20-22 of the course textbook, GIS for the Urban Environment.

  2. In addition to the questions listed in the assignment, please address the following in your brief report:

    1. Think about the issues or research questions addressed in the project, and why the spatial/geographic aspects in the project are significant (assuming they are). Could the project be accomplished without mapping or spatial analysis?

    2. What further questions would you like to see explored in a project like this? Are these questions spatial or non-spatial? Explain.

As an alternative to the web sites listed in the exercise description, you might search for a recent journal article in the field you are studying, look at the case studies in Part 3 of the textbook, or look at practice/research examples, or simply search the internet for an application of GIS in your field. This exercise can get you started thinking about the project you will choose to do for the latter half of the semester in this course.