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Author: Ross S. Feldberg

1. Personal Assignment Statement

If friends of yours gave you the following statements for suggestions, how would you help him/her? You each will also have the opportunity to write a short personal statement on which I will give you feedback.

Imagine a friend has asked you to look over their personal statement and offer suggestions. He has given you the following text and you need to help him improve it without simply trashing him. What advice would you offer?

1.1. Personal Statement

In today’s world, education is always evolving. Students no longer simply use textbooks, but instead can explore the world wide web and learn visually as well as in new ways. These resources have fed my fascination with science and made me determined to pursue an M.D. degree. The influences that have contributed to my decision to apply to medical school have come from my time at Alexander College and my summer research project at the Mayo Clinic. At Alexander College, I have had excellent experiences in the laboratory and in the classroom, where I have studied genetics, cellular, molecular and microbiology as well as organic, physical, analytical and biological chemistry.

My work at the Mayo Clinic involved molecular biology techniques and I have used polymerase chain reaction, the Kunkel method of mutagenesis, as well as agarose and SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. These projects have exposed me to a number of techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology. But I also learned that I really didn’t want to just sit in a laboratory all day and that I wanted to interact with patients and help people feel better. I believe that I have the capabilities and talents to be a doctor and I really love the science of healing. I am intrigued; I am curious; I am passionate about it.

Today, I still find myself captivated by the extraordinary capabilities and marvels encased within the human body. In today’s society of everlasting technological development, a doctor must not only be able to thrive under pressure, but also to make critical decisions under challenging circumstances and to keep an open mind to the most recent methods that are continually emerging. My best qualities are evoked in thought-provoking situations where I am challenged to create practical solutions to seemingly impossible situations. I am confident and persistent; my mind runs on reason. I thrive with every challenge, yet I understand the value of patience and compassion.

I believe my strongest personality traits of ambition and compassion set me apart from most medical degree applicants and also allow me to be the ideal candidate for admission to medical school. I have a great degree of ambition, which allows me to be extremely goal-oriented. For example, I set long and short-term goals to help me along in my academic career. Any person can set goals, but I feel my determination to accomplish these goals sets me apart from other candidates because I do not have the ability to give up on any goal I set forward. Indeed my long-term goal is not simply to become a doctor, but to become the top doctor in my respected field.