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Author: Richard Glickman-Simon, M.D.

Session 2B: Successful Aging – Essentials

1. Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe attributes of people who are "aging successfully"

  • Describe myths of aging and ways to clarify these misunderstandings

  • Identify characteristics and concerns of diverse older populations and explore behavioral, social and socio-environmental factors, and trends that influence successful aging

  • Understand strategies used by older adults to address and adapt to challenges faced as they age

2. Readings

  • Rowe JW. Kahn RL. Successful aging. Gerontologist. 37(4):433-40, 1997 Aug.

  • Friedrich MJ. Biological secrets of exceptional old age: centenarian study seeks insight into aging well. JAMA. 288(18):2247-53, 2002 Nov 13 (see Additional Resources below for electronic link to New England Centenarian Study)

  • National Institute on Aging Quiz: What is Your Aging IQ? Please be sure to take this quiz prior to this session.

3. Additional Resources